Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who influenced the Ukraine invasion?

Former President Donald Trump revealed in an exclusive interview that his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin played a significant role in delaying the invasion of Ukraine. Trump’s strong relationship with Putin enabled him to warn against the catastrophic consequences of an invasion, ultimately deterring Putin’s actions. While still a 2024 presidential candidate, Trump believes his negotiation skills could resolve the conflict within 24 hours.


Trump’s personal relationship with Putin influenced their conversation on Ukraine.
Trump’s warning about the severe repercussions dissuaded Putin from invading.
Putin initially doubted Trump’s determination but eventually reconsidered.
Trump’s negotiation skills and experience as a dealmaker contribute to his confidence in resolving the conflict.
The revelation highlights the potential impact of Trump’s diplomatic efforts during his presidency.


Donald Trump’s disclosure about his conversation with Putin provides valuable insight into his approach to international relations. His ability to maintain a strong rapport with foreign leaders allowed him to convey his concerns effectively.

Furthermore, Trump’s determination and negotiation skills instilled a sense of caution in Putin, deterring the invasion of Ukraine. This revelation underscores Trump’s potential as a problem solver and peacemaker, showcasing his capacity to swiftly address conflicts and protect American interests.

However, critics may argue that Trump’s approach to diplomacy was unorthodox or question the long-term effectiveness of his methods. Nevertheless, his willingness to engage directly with world leaders, combined with his dealmaking expertise, yielded tangible results during his presidency.

As the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, it is important to consider the potential impact of effective diplomacy and negotiation. Trump’s insights shed light on alternative approaches to resolving international disputes and should be taken into account when formulating future foreign policies.

Source Fox News