An Unexpected Political Intrusion, and It’s Not Russia

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has recently engaged in what can only be described as an alarming information campaign against Republicans in the United States. Despite this blatant interference in our elections, the Biden administration has chosen to remain disturbingly silent.

Last week, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy and emphasized his commitment to securing our border with Mexico, President Lopez Obrador wasted no time in launching a scathing attack. He accused DeSantis of promoting “anti-immigrant” policies and called on Hispanics not to support him.

However, this is not an isolated incident. In March, Lopez Obrador announced his intention to conduct an information campaign targeting Mexicans living and working in the United States, as well as all Hispanics, with the aim of influencing their voting choices against Republicans. He claimed that the Republicans’ approach to combating drug cartels and fentanyl production was not only irresponsible but also an affront to Mexico’s independence and sovereignty.

Furthermore, Lopez Obrador made it clear that if Republicans did not change their attitude, he would actively discourage Mexicans and Hispanics from voting for the party. He labeled Republicans as interventionist, inhumane, hypocritical, and corrupt.

It is deeply concerning that the Biden administration has yet to address these provocative actions by a foreign leader. The silence from the State Department and the White House in response to inquiries from Fox News Digital is disheartening. This is a clear instance of meddling in our elections, and it demands a robust and decisive response from our government.

In addition to his election interference, Lopez Obrador has made puzzling claims about fentanyl production in Mexico, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He has also sought assistance from the Chinese Communist regime, while criticizing American lawmakers and blaming the United States for problems that originate within his own country.

The American people deserve a president who will stand up against foreign interference and protect the integrity of our elections. It is high time for the Biden administration to break its silence and address this concerning issue with the urgency it deserves.

Source Fox News