An Influential Politician Backs Trump, You Need To See THIS

Republican Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger from Tennessee recently endorsed former President Donald Trump, citing President Biden’s administration’s failures to address pressing challenges facing the country.

Harshbarger believes that the American economy is at risk of recession, an entire generation is at risk of drug overdose deaths due to an open border, and lawlessness has become the norm in Democrat-run cities and states.

In endorsing Trump, Harshbarger urges her fellow East Tennesseans to support the former president and return to conservative values and leadership that made America great in the past. Trump has a proven track record of delivering results and putting America first, according to Harshbarger.

Harshbarger’s endorsement of Trump comes as the Republican party prepares for the 2024 presidential nomination race. Trump’s name has been thrown into the mix, and his potential candidacy has fueled his fundraising efforts.

However, it remains to be seen whether Trump will enter the race, but Harshbarger’s endorsement is a clear signal of her belief in his leadership and policies.