Actress’s Unexpected Comparison That Has People Talking, You Won’t Believe

Patti Lupone, a B-list actress, and a self-proclaimed progressive, appeared on “The View” to discuss her new Marvel TV gig, but couldn’t resist taking a jab at Republicans and Christians. During a discussion about abortion, Lupone equated the Christian right with the Taliban, saying she didn’t know the difference.

Lupone’s comments are insulting and dangerous. The Christian right is not a terrorist organization that murders innocent people in the name of their beliefs. They’re Americans who believe in protecting the lives of the unborn. Lupone’s comparison is a cheap shot and an insult to millions of Americans who believe in traditional values and the sanctity of life.

The hypocrisy of Hollywood elites like Lupone is astounding. They preach tolerance and diversity but spew hate and intolerance towards anyone who disagrees with their beliefs. It’s no wonder that conservatives are turning away from Hollywood and seeking entertainment elsewhere.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed the Heartbeat Protection Act, which bans abortion after an unborn child’s heartbeat is detectable. This is a bold move that protects the lives of the unborn and respects the wishes of the majority of Americans who believe in the sanctity of life.

Lupone’s attack on DeSantis and the Christian right is just another example of the left’s intolerance towards anyone who disagrees with their beliefs. The left’s embrace of abortion-on-demand is not only dangerous but also goes against American values.

America was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The left’s obsession with abortion and their attacks on traditional values threaten those principles. It’s time for Americans to stand up and fight back against the left’s assault on our values and our way of life.