A Surprising Family Secret Left Unaddressed, You Won’t Believe This

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is once again making headlines for his refusal to acknowledge his unclaimed granddaughter born out of wedlock to ex-stripper Lunden Roberts. Hunter was recently caught ignoring questions from Fox News Digital about whether his father was doing a disservice by not recognizing his grandchild.

This isn’t the first time Hunter has tried to hide the existence of his child. He was ordered to appear in person for a child support hearing for his daughter, Navy Joan Roberts after he requested adjustments to the child support payments. President Biden has repeatedly refused to acknowledge his granddaughter, even at a recent White House event where he spoke about his six other grandchildren.

It’s concerning that Hunter Biden’s attempts to keep his little girl from using his name are now in a new realm and that President Biden has refused to acknowledge his seventh grandchild. As Republicans, we need to hold the Biden family accountable and demand that they do the right thing for this innocent child.

Source Fox News