A Policy Battle, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Involved


Sen. Shelley Capito and Rep. Carol Miller are working together to fight the potential shutdown of power plants in West Virginia.
The EPA’s proposed regulations aim to reduce power sector emissions but could result in job losses and increased energy costs.

The Protect Our Power Plants Act introduced by Capito and Miller seeks to prevent the EPA from finalizing and implementing the proposed rule on new source performance standards.

Capito and Miller condemn the Biden administration’s disregard for the Supreme Court’s ruling and emphasize the need to maintain America’s energy dominance.

They highlight the harmful impact of the EPA’s actions on energy-producing communities and vow to protect American energy production.

The Protect Our Power Plants Act is crucial for safeguarding jobs and preventing higher energy costs.

Capito and Miller are standing up against the Biden administration’s assault on the energy industry.

Maintaining America’s energy dominance is essential for the nation’s prosperity.

The EPA’s regulations could have devastating consequences for energy-producing communities.

Republicans must support Capito and Miller’s efforts to protect West Virginia’s power plants.

The proposed regulations by the Biden administration represent a clear attack on the energy industry in West Virginia. Sen. Shelley Capito and Rep. Carol Miller deserve commendation for their swift response to protect American jobs and prevent higher energy costs for hardworking families.

It is essential for Republicans to rally behind Capito and Miller, as their legislation, the Protect Our Power Plants Act, serves as a check on the radical environmental policies pushed by the Biden administration and Washington Democrats.

We must support American energy production and ensure a brighter future for the people of West Virginia.

Source Fox News