A New Low for Biden, You Won’t Believe This

Hey, fellow Americans! Are you tired of hearing Kamala Harris’ vapid word-salad speeches and gaslighting attempts? Well, hold onto your hats, because now she’s in charge of artificial intelligence!

That’s right, the woman who can barely put a coherent sentence together is now in charge of one of the most complex and high-stakes issues of our time.

But don’t worry, it’s all just a political move to boost Harris’ historically unpopular image ahead of the 2024 presidential race. The Biden administration seems to believe that all of Harris’ problems with the public are simply a reflection of voters’ inherent racism and sexism, rather than acknowledging the legitimate concerns about her qualifications and trustworthiness.

The American people deserve better than the perfunctory lip service and agenda-driven gaslighting that Harris is likely to give the issue of artificial intelligence. We need a leader who will take this issue seriously and make real progress.

After all, artificial intelligence technology poses serious risks to our economy, cybersecurity, and job markets. It’s not an artificial election-year ornament to be draped around the person whose poll numbers need a boost.

So, let’s demand better from our leaders. Let’s demand qualified and trustworthy leaders who can navigate the complexities of this rapidly advancing technology and protect our country. And let’s not let political moves overshadow the important issues that affect us all.

Source Fox News