A Major Gaffe That Could Change The International Landscape

Former President Donald Trump expressed grave concerns about President Biden’s handling of military matters, particularly the ammunition shortage in the United States. Trump emphasized the dangerous nature of the current geopolitical climate and the need for a strong defense.


Trump highlighted the significance of the nuclear power and advanced weaponry possessed by various nations.
Biden’s admission about the ammunition shortage has given hostile countries an advantage.
Sending cluster bombs to Ukraine ignited controversy and raised questions about Biden’s competence.
The combination of ammunition shortfall and public disclosure raises concerns about America’s security.
Republican voters are deeply worried about Biden’s approach to defense matters.

Biden’s approach to national security is alarming, given the magnitude of the threats facing the United States. The ammunition crisis and his public acknowledgment of it have only weakened America’s position on the global stage.

Republican voters must remain vigilant and demand stronger leadership to ensure the safety and security of our great nation.

Source Fox News