A Familiar Face Slams Democrats Over Soaring CRIME Rates, You’ll Never Guess Why

Joe Biden has been in office for over a year, and it’s become clear that he’s not up to the job. From his disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal to his weak foreign policy and disastrous economic policies, Biden has been a complete failure as president.

Biden’s economic policies have hurt working-class Americans, with inflation on the rise and small businesses struggling to stay afloat. His open borders policies have led to a crisis at the southern border, with record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing into the country.

On the world stage, Biden has shown weakness in dealing with our adversaries, such as China and Russia, and his administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has put American lives at risk and emboldened terrorists.

Biden’s assault on our constitutional rights also causes for concern. His administration’s support for censorship and attacks on free speech is an attack on the very foundations of our democracy.

In short, Joe Biden is a failure in chief. His policies hurt the economy, weaken our national security, strain our social services, and attack our constitutional rights. It’s time for Republicans to hold him accountable and demand better for our country.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/politics/andrew-cuomo-blasts-far-left-dems-being-soft-on-crime-harming-minorities-claim-represent