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House Republicans Launch Probe into Biden Administration’s Handling of Fossil Fuel Leasing Practices

The Republican leaders of two key House committees have launched a probe into the Biden administration’s handling of fossil fuel leasing practices.

The probe was triggered by a leaked memo that recommended charging energy companies a royalty rate of 18.75%, the highest allowable rate under the law, for a large oil and gas lease sale in Alaska.

The Republicans have accused the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management of actively contributing to Biden’s ongoing energy crisis, and of prioritizing climate considerations over energy security.

The Republicans have demanded greater congressional oversight of the administration, and have called on Congress to ensure that the Department of Interior is fulfilling its responsibility to advance policies that unleash American energy production and strengthen the industry that provides good-paying job opportunities.

The Republicans believe that the administration’s policies are causing harm to the American people and that it’s time for the administration to prioritize economic development and American energy security. They will continue to hold the administration accountable for its actions and ensure that the American people are not paying the price for its misguided policies.

source https://conservativebrief.com/leaked-memo-72860/