IRS TURMOIL! McCarthy Steps On Biden IRS Policy

As Republicans take control of the House, they are vowing that one of their first initiatives will be to put President Biden’s so-called 87,000 new IRS agents’ jobs on the chopping block. 

“On day one, in this House, we will repeal 87,000 IRS agents,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters on Thursday. “We will use the power of the purse – the size of our debt has to stop.” McCarthy won his party’s nomination to be Speaker of the House in January.

Here’s a tweet from New York Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, ““Our first acts as a @HouseGOP Majority will be to pass legislation to REPEAL Joe Biden’s plan to double the IRS with 87,000 more agents. We must also demand @POTUS SECURE our border. Instead of IRS agents, let’s hire more Border Agents to defeat cartels and get the job done!”

Here’s Congressman Troy Nehls on Twitter: “Repealing Joe Biden’s 87,000 IRS agents is a day one priority. This isn’t up for debate.”

When the new Congress starts it will be interesting what changes the American people see take place.